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your portrait, your story

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How do I order a portrait, and what is the process?
We arrange a call or a meeting to discuss your ideas and desires.
  • Who or what will the subject matter be?

  • Where do you envision hanging the painting.

  • What kind of lighting will it be mostly seen in.  

  • What is the best proportion and size for the canvas.

  • How many figures, faces, and background details will be needed to bring the vision to life.

  • We will have to have some wonderful conversations about the personality and outstanding characteristics of the portrait subject.  What makes them smile? What makes you smile when you think of them? What do they love in life? What are they passionate about? And more, more, more.

  • With this information I can guesstimate the price.  I always recommend going for the moon in terms of all you want.


I will provide an estimate and we can adjust the number of detail elements in the painting to meet your budget.  
  • Portraits are charged at 50% down, and balance upon completion.  Shipping and packing charges will be extra, and paid before shipment.

I work from high res photos.
  • When at all possible I do like to meet the subject and take some of my own photos but this is not a necessity.

  • If you are providing me with photos than there should be at least 6-10 in different lighting and angles of the face in addition to the photo image you want me to paint from for likeness.  

  • When you are taking photos think about the expression and emotion you wish to project into this painting.  

  • I want to capture these expressions that are real and meaningful.   The photos need to be sent to me in as high res as possible.  

Portraits take approximately two to six weeks to complete depending on the complexity and size of the image.  Sometimes you can be in a bit of a lineup so its best to make up your mind quickly around holiday seasons.  

  • You will be totally part of this process, getting to experience the journey of your portrait painting with frequent update photos as the painting progresses. 

  • You are invited for a studio visit if you are local.  it would be of great benefit for you to sit for me as I paint for one or two hours, and it also allows us to do photography together to determine the pose, lighting and background.

  • All your comments on the likeness will be appreciated.  

Once the painting is finished and you are happy and thrilled that all your expectations have been exceeded,

  • Paintings must dry for 10 to 21 days prior to shipping.

  • Sufficient drying time for safe shipping is variable. The thickness of paint the paint application, mediums used, the size of painting and even the weather affect drying.  

  • Paintings are supplied finished in oil on linen canvas, on high quality stretchers pre wired for hanging with painted sides. 

  • Framing is an additional charge.  I'd be happy to help you pick the right frame and arrange framing prior to shipping.

  • The appropriate shipping container, usually cardboard crates well insulated for the journey.

  • Large paintings must sometimes be wood crated for shipping. Costs of crating include building a custom crate from wood. If the painting commission under consideration would warrant a wood crate I will provide an estimate upfront that would be additional to the cost of the portrait and shipping.

  • Shipping and packing charges are added to the final payment.  

  • Pay the balance due prior to shipping  easily through Paypal, credit card, cash or cheque. 

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