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Each painting takes a minimum of three weeks to complete.  Many hours of concentration, thought, emotion, design and skillful rendering produce the resultant glowing, living story.  When a painting jumps out at you,  look at it a while.  Zoom in. If there are not enough detail pics, email me and I will get you more.  


Bebe Landers paintings catch your attention.  They elevate your mood, your walls, and your home.  If you have an idea for a commission please drop me an email and we can chat about it.  Enjoy!


Available paintings can be purchased directly from Bebe Landers through this website only.  Click on the image.  

You will find more information on each painting, the inspiration and story behind the image, and all other FAQ related to purchase. 


Bebe Landers figurative paintings are full of subtle emotion and relationships, showing visual non verbal cues to behavior. These days we are bombarded with fast imagery, we digest in split micro seconds and move on. These paintings ask you to slow down and look longer. There are multiple levels of communication in each image.


Each painting tells a story about the person portrayed, through subject and composition created with many layers of oil paint & glazes, harmonic color schemes and the poetry of textured energetic brushstrokes.  

Can I see this painting on my wall before I make a purchase?

YES. To see what an individual painting would look like at home on your own wall, email a clear straight on photo of your wall space in natural daylight.  Your smartphone camera is perfect for this.  I will email back your pic within 2 hrs showing the painting on your wall, plus I will send you some other options showing framing.  This will be very helpful in your decision making, you don't have to imagine how a Bebe Landers artwork looks on your wall, you will be able to see how it looks.

Facts about Bebe Landers Artworks

  • All of Bebe Landers Artworks are painted on high quality linen or cotton canvas, on wood stretchers.

  • Only the best quality artist oil paints and mediums are used and all care is used to put in effect best archival practices so that you can be ensured of the multi generational worth of your purchase.

  • Bebe Landers Artworks are signed on the front and on the back there is another Bebe Landers signature plus the title of the painting, media, and date.

  • You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity with your painting that includes a photo of your painting imbedded into the certificate.

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