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Jacaranda Springtime

Oil on Canvas

40"x 30"x 1.5"

I have fallen under the spell of San Miguel de Allende. The steep hills, narrow cobbled streets, brightly painted buildings, spectacular churches, warm and celebratory people make me happy to be home. Over centuries, some homes have crumbled but always new walls rise above ruins in sunset blue, purple, ochers and yellows.  The deep purple blooms of this century old Jacaranda born in a churchyard, growing skyward with writhing branches, witness to generations of people born, living and passing was relevatory for me.

In our current state of ennui, the Jacaranda was a metaphor for  hope, rising from ruin, beauty always conquering destruction, for in ruin there is new growth, despite despair, and a deep part of us is always connected to fighting on.


Jacaranda Springtime

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TVA Incluse
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